Do you offer free curtain quotes?

Yes we do. Email the following details through to us for a quote;

  • Your chosen fabric
  • Style of curtain preferred (see more below on the different curtain styles)
  • If you require curtain tracks
  • Your width and height details (see more details below on measuring).


How good are your curtain makers?

We think they are the best in the country!  Our curtains are beautifully and thoughtfully made to a very high standard.


How long does it take to have my curtains made?

Making times vary throughout the year (with the busiest times being pre Xmas and winter) - but we try to make sure it is never longer than 6 weeks from the time your fabric is confirmed.  Email us for current making times.


How do I know whether to do curtains or blinds?

Blinds vs curtains is a matter of personal preference unless there is something in the room preventing one option. We are happy to advise on what might be the best option for your window – just email through a photo of your space to or pop into one of our stores.

Curtains are excellent for adding a soft, warm ambiance to a room and absorbing sound in a modern space.  There are also a range of different header styles to choose from – so you can find the right style for your room and your fabric choice.


How do I measure my window for curtains?

Measuring is easy! There are 3 simple steps;

1) Before you begin, you will need:

  • Metal measuring tape – this ensures you get the most accurate results
  • Pen and paper – it is best to write down your measurements as you go
  • Ideally a friend to hold the other end of the tape measure


2) Measure your track width
Measure the full width of your track – don’t measure any decorative ends.

If you don’t have a curtain track you will need to decide how wide the track should be. The track needs to pass the window on the sides you will be pulling the curtain back on – to make sure the curtains can be pulled off the window during the day. As a ballpark figure – you should add 15-20% of the window width, but this will also depend on how much space you have. 

3) Measure your finished height
If you have a curtain track which you don’t want to see when your curtain is hung, measure from the top of the track to the point where you want your curtains to finish. If you want to see the track, start measuring from under the track.

If you don’t have a track yet – measure from where you wish to hang your track to where you wish your finished curtain to end – it is standard to hang your track 100mm above your window.


How long should my curtains be?

We recommend your curtains finish at the floor.

All curtains can easily be adjusted for height by a few centimetres by moving the hooks up and down within the heading tape.


How much fabric do I need for curtains?

This can be a tricky thing to work out – especially when you are working with pattern repeats. Please contact us and we are happy to do this for you.

If you are working with your own local maker you need to have them calculate how much fabric is required, as different makers allow different amounts for hems and headers.


What are the different curtain styles?

The curtain styles that we make are:

  • Pencil Pleat
  • Wave
  • Inverted Pleat
  • Bi-pleat
  • Eyelets
  • Flat
  • Madison

Please see this document for more photos and details of each style.


Should I have my curtains lined?

We always recommend lining your curtains.

It is a great way to protect your fabric from the sun, add more fullness to your curtains and provides a uniform look from the outside of your home.

Thermal lining provides insulation, keeping your home warm in winter. Blackout linings have the benefits of thermal lining – but also are great to block out any light – excellent for bedrooms and keeping rooms cooler in the summer.


Do you supply curtain tracks?

We have a range of different track styles and colours available - samples are available in our stores. Please contact us for further details and a quote.


I have purchased my fabric elsewhere; can you still make my curtains?

No, we don’t offer this service. We can only make custom made items from fabrics supplied by Bolt of Cloth.


I live in Australia, can you make my curtains?

Yes! Curtains are shipped to Australia free of charge.