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Organize your Custom Made Blinds Today!

With a huge range of contemporary fabrics & the best blind makers, we can make your blinds plus deliver them to your door! 




When to have blinds made with Bolt of Cloth:

  • When you want to know the making will be beautiful

  • When you are happy to do your own measuring – with our coaching and support. A normal window is easy to self measure (it is just a rectangle).  We will tell you if we think your window is too tricky to do yourself.

  • When you are renovating or re-purposing a room

  • When you need new blinds in your bach or home in a far flung location

  • When you want a beautiful result with social distancing.

  • When you would love to organize it all from home and have them turn up on your door!


For more details regarding blind styles, making, timing and other useful tips CLICK HERE








What our customers are saying about us;


"The blinds are all installed and they look fantastic" - Ross

"Thanks for the quote ... it's thorough and easy to follow."  – Angie