Can I use wallpaper in my bathroom?

For Paperhands wallpaper, the paper can be used in wet areas and the inks will be fine, the room must be ventilated or the water based glue will let go and the paper could start to peel. We recommend talking to your hanger. The inks are water based so if left wet for 1 minute or more the ink will soften and be more easily damaged by scrubbing. The ink won’t run or deteriorate and will dry again without changing appearance.


Is the wallpaper pre-glued? If not what glue should I use?

No they are not. For Paperhands we recommend a water based cellulose paste for light to medium papers.


How do you clean it?

Cleaning gently with a damp soft cloth is the preferred method. Do not scrub you may damage the ink or paper.


Can you help me calculate how much wallpaper I need to purchase?

We recommend you get your wallpaper hanger to quote you as the amount needed can vary from hanger to hanger. You will need to give them the roll size and the pattern repeat.


Can I return my wallpaper?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer returns or exchanges on wallpaper so please choose carefully. We are able to offer samples of Paperhands wallpapers to make the process easier.


How long does it take to arrive?

Paperhands wallpapers take about two weeks, they are custom made.