Harha Linen in linen, orange
Harha Linen in linen, orange


Harha Linen in linen, orange


Composed of squiggles painted with dynamic brush strokes, the Harha (illusion) pattern creates an impression of music-like quivering movement. This natural coloured lightweight linen is decorated with this 1981 design in a stunning orange. Make this into a funky lightshade or a bold cushion! Made from 100% cotton.

/ Metre (linear)

  • Materials & Care

    Linen is a natural fiber characterized by a beautiful lustre, high moisture absorbency and a pleasant feel. Linen items are warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot. Linen does not accumulate static electricity. Other characteristics of linen include a tendency to wrinkle and slight irregularities in texture, nubs or slubs. Nubs of fibre are not always removed during pretreatment but come off later, after the printing process, and may leave a white dot on the fabric. Some dye may come off darker fabric especially in the first few washes. Wash linen items separately in plenty of water, inside out at 60 degrees. Linen products can be spin-dried on the gentle cycle; do not tumble dry. Linen is best ironed when slightly damp. Do not bleach.

    Main Material: 100% Linen

    Follow the washing temperature given. May fade.

    Read more about care instructions here.

    Follow the washing temperature given.