Mynsteri Laminate in white, blue
Mynsteri Laminate in white, blue


Mynsteri Laminate in white, blue


The Mynsteri design by the designer Aino-Maija Metsola is a stunning floral motif The round tray by Marimekko has been adorned with this stunning motif. Made of Birch Plywood In Finland, Mynsteri is the name given to the templates for bobbin lace, a pattern that can be found on many costumes from the country. For the actual pattern, Metsola was inspired by floral ornaments. The result is a playful and care-free pattern, that looks great on the tray. The tray, that can be used to serve food, or as a base for vases and other decorative objects, is made of birch plywood and has a generous diameter of 46 cm.

/ Metre (linear)

  • Materials & Care

    Strong-coloured stains (carrot, tomato, berries, ink, sauces etc.) should be removed from coated fabrics immediately to prevent the stain from adhering to the porous surface. Coated fabrics can be washed in plenty of water, at 40°C on the delicate cycle, and ironed on the reverse side. We recommend storing coated fabrics on a roll. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. The pvc used as a coating material does not contain phlalates.

    Main Material: 100% Cotton PVC Coated

    Wash with like colours. Follow the washing temperature given. May fade.

    Follow the washing temperature given.