Pieni Unikko in Black, White and Green


This size of the famous Unikko is really usable - cover a light shade, make cushions or roman blinds, cover a canvas. In classic black, white and with a hint of green, this is one of those timeless fabrics that you will always love.


printed fabric width: 1380 mm

pattern repeat: vertical = 450 mm, horizontal = mm

/ Metre (linear)

  • Materials & Care

    It is advisable to wash dark and strong-coloured garments separately or with like colours in plenty of water, as some dye may come off especially in the first few washes. Wash at 60 degrees. Washing at too low temperature may cause the colour to bleed. Soaking is not recommended. Washing strong-coloured and patterned items inside out will help to keep the colours and prints beautiful. Cotton items are best ironed when they are slightly damp. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry.

    Main Material: 100% Cotton

    Follow the washing temperature given.