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Basil Bangs


Sage Beach Umbrella

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Welcome that holiday feeling with our latest outdoor collection. Basil Bangs beach umbrellas are also perfect for use on the deck, by the pool, in the garden and everywhere in between! This simple sage green design is a classic with a wooden finish aluminium pole and tassel fringe for a bohemian style. 

Made from 50+ UPF weather treated waterproof canvas, lightweight aluminium collapsible poles and a handy hinge for easy sun adjustment. The canopy is a generous size making it ideal for the family. Each comes with a stylish carry case which transforms into a sand bag for windy conditions! The sturdy frame is made from corrosion resistant Zinc plated steel making it durable and long lasting. 

Dimensions: 1.8m canopy diameter, folds to 1.1m x 17cm x 17cm, height when extended is 2.2m and the pole diameter is 32mm. wood finish pole.