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Saijo Persimmon Diffuser by Voluspa

VOLUSPA's Saijo Persimmon Diffuser is a decadent liaison of pulpy, fresh persimmon engaged in a delicious flirtation with nectarine, peach, red currant and cassis. Billowing bouquets of white jasmine round this ultimate mouth-watering, scent. This fruity, fragrant fling has the makings of a passionate, long-lasting love story. Indulge in fragrance without the flame. 

Designed with 18 fine-gauged rattan reeds, this diffuser packs powerful fragrance throw for up to 6 months without being overwhelming. Flip the reeds in the glass vessel every other week for added life and fragrance. 

Reed Diffusers are optimal in powder rooms, foyers, hallways and closets. Contains 177ml.