Bolt of Cloth

Sewing of a Flat Style Curtain


Three easy steps to get your Flat Style curtain made to your measurements:

1. Let us know - width of your tracks
- final height of your curtain
- style of curtain
- number of curtain pieces (normally two)
- choice of fabric & lining
- if you require curtain tracks
2. We quickly send you a free quote - within 1-2 working days you will receive a quote incl. a detailed cost breakdown for your curtains.
3. Confirm your quote & pay You can choose to pay online, via direct debit or over the phone.


The cost for Flat Style curtains depend on the number of fabric drops & 1/2 drops we have to sew. Also cost for lined curtains are slightly higher.

We aim to make your curtains within 30 working days from the time the payment is confirmed and the fabric is in stock.

Reminder: number of drops is track width x 1.5 or 2 divided by fabric width.

Simply get in touch with your measurements and fabric choice for a free quote.