Buying & Website Help


What method of payment can I use?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Direct Debit Payments


Can you gift wrap?

Yes and it is free of charge!  We have unique gift wrapping using black and white paper finished with a ribbon made from one of our fabrics.  You can add free gift wrapping during check out.


What quantities can I buy fabric by?

Our fabric is sold by the metre in increments of 1m or by Fat Quarter - some fabrics give you the choice of either, and a few are available as only one or the other.  This information is displayed as an option near the price.  A few of our fabrics are sold by the pattern repeat - this is only when you need the whole pattern to enjoy and use fabric.


Do you send fabric samples?

Yes, we send small samples free of charge to addresses in Australia and New Zealand. These samples are for colour matching and are intended to be used with the full length drop pictures on the website.  If you require a larger piece of fabric as a sample, then you will need to purchase it and then return it in good time and condition for a refund. (see our returns policy).


I put 1 into the quantity box when purchasing wallpaper what does this equate to?

This is per roll so 1 = 1 roll.


My Gift Voucher won’t work. Please help!

If you have put the voucher code in more than once and abandoned your cart it may have deactivated your code. Please email us and we will sort it for you.


I can't see a product image. How can I fix this?

Try clearing your history (including cache and cookies) If the problem persists then please contact us here.


How do I sign up to the weekly specials?

Please click here. Not only will you be the first to know about anything new but we frequently have member only specials and deals.


How are your Feather Inners produced and why are they sold seperately to the cover?

 At Bolt of Cloth we pride ourselves on quality, supporting NZ designers and sustainable practices wherever possible. The main reason we sell our cushion covers and inners as seperate products is to allow you to simply swap the cover and reuse the inner for a new season look. While Dacron inners are more suitable for outdoor use, we recommend feather inners for indoor or dry areas. Feather inners don't only make cushions look & feel much nicer, they also keep their shape and last a lot longer than synthetic dacron inners. We can assure you the feathers used are not plucked from live ducks. We pay a premium to make sure of this. You can tell the difference by the ends of the feathers not having sharp ends. The feathers are washed, vet tested & MPI approved. This is a 'by-product' when they are used for poultry.