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Lexon Mina Sunrise Lamp in dark green

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The Mina Sunrise by Lexon is a lamp and alarm clock! The lamp features a sunrise/sunset effect, alarm clock and multicoloured lighting. Wake up gently thanks to the progressive daylight simulator combined with natural sounds and use the sunset function to fall asleep peacefully.

The alarm clock features a VA LCD display and 5 melodies/natural sounds. 

The lamp features 9 LED colours and a dimmer. Pressing the top of the lamp will turn the light on/off, adjust the brightness and stop the alarm.

Create a better sleeping routine. 30 minutes before the set wake-up time, dark blue tones gradually change into warm white to block melatonin and assist you to get up naturally, feeling rested. At night, when sunset mode is on, Mina Sunrise switches from orange to red light to help trigger sleep.

Up to 4 months battery life. Charging time: 5h. Rechargeable via USB-C port (cable included).

Made from Aluminium and quality thermoplastic. Measures 11cm x 11cm.