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How do I go about putting cushions together?


One of the simplest tips is to choose a patterned cushion you love, then add one plain cushion and one spot or striped cushion to go with it.  Our cushions can be filtered by Plain, Spots/Stripes & Pattern to make it easy for you to put cushions together.

For detailed tips, read our blog post on putting cushions together.

You are welcome to email us for advice or to photograph cushions together for you.  We also offer a full Couch Makeover experience - where you take a survey and upload your photos and then we work with you to find the perfect cushions for your place.


Can you help me find cushions to go with one I already have?


Yes we can.  You can email us with a photo of the cushion you love and we can recommend what works with it and send you photos of them together.  If you would like us to develop a full cushion look for your place then we recommend purchasing a Couch Makeover.  We will send you our Couch Makeover quiz and then recommend the perfect cushions just  for your place.  Learn more here.


How many cushions do I need on my couch?


You need as many as you think looks good.  Don't feel like you have to follow any rules here. Generally we find that most people need more than they expected!

The guidelines generally given are about 1 - 2  cushions per "seat" - so one or two cushions on a chair, 2 -4  on a two- seater, 3-6 on a three seater etc.


Should I arrange my cushions in pairs or in odd numbers?


Traditionally cushions were arranged in matching pairs, and it is a more contemporary look to have odd numbers of mis-matching cushions.  Go with whatever looks good to your eye.


Can I buy the cushion without the inner?


Yes you can.   All our cushion covers are available either with or without the inner. We recommend buying quality inners once and then just changing covers. This will give you better looking, more comfortable cushions - and is better for the environment.


Can I buy the cushion with an inner?


Yes you can.   All our cushion covers are available either with or without the inner - you just select the option - with inner - as you purchase your cover.  If you purchase a feather inner with a cushion cover you will automatically receive a 20% discount on the inner.


Why do you recommend feather inners?


Feather inners make your cushions look plumper and cosier, are more comfortable to lean on and last longer - you can simply replace the cover in the future and keep reusing the inner.  They also stick better to leather couches.


Where are your feathers sourced and are they ethical?


Our duck feathers are sourced from China where they are a by-product of duck consumption. Our feather inners are vet inspected and certified.


Do you recommend feather inners for outdoor cushions?


Not if you plan to leave them outside - you should opt for dacron if you want to be able to leave them outdoors.  All our outdoor cushion covers give you the options to buy your cover with no inner or a feather inner or a dacron inner.


 How do I care for my feather inners?


Your feather inners may require some plumping when you receive them as they have been vacuum packed.  Regular plumping will keep them looking great.  They can also be machine washed and dried - see the care label on your inner. It is critical that they are properly dry before you insert them back into a cover.


What size cushion inner do I need?


Your cushion inner should be 5cm larger than your cushion cover.  When we label as inner as "To fit a 50cm cushion cover" this means the inner is 55cm x 55cm.  When you add an inner as you purchase a cushion cover, we will be giving you the correct size for that cushion.


How do I get my feather inner into the cushion?


If you purchase a cushion cover and an inner we will always put the feather inner into the cushion for you. 

If you have only bought inners and need to do this yourself:

  •  Fold the inner in half to put it into your cushion cover.  This is to prevent damaging the zip.
  •  Use your fingers to push the inner into the corners of the cushion cover.
  • Close the zip, and then bang the cushion on your sofa to disperse the feathers throughout the cushion.
  • If your inner arrived vacuum packed, it will gradually fluff up more and more.  It is worth giving a vacuum packed inner a wee whack to fluff it up before you place it in your cushion cover.


How do I care for my cushion cover?


A care label will be inside your cushion cover.  Instructions differ depending on the fabric your cover is made from.


Where are your Cushion Covers made?


Most Bolt of Cloth cushion covers are made in our workroom in Christchurch, New Zealand.  Brands other than Bolt of Cloth are made all around the world - this will be clearly labelled inside the cushion cover.