How long will you have this fabric for?

We don't know. Our fabric suppliers are always designing new and exciting fabrics and can stop producing a fabric without notice.  If you really love something then we suggest you purchase it as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.


Can I request samples and how much do they cost?

Samples are free! We can send up to 3 samples per project. Please note that our free samples are small pieces for colour matching and designed to be viewed with the images on the website.  You can request samples by clicking here.


How can I see the full pattern repeat on the fabric?

A full drop image can be found under each fabric image.

Where can I find what the fabric is made of?

This information is located on the right of the product page of each item. 


Where can I find what the width and pattern repeat of the fabric is?

This information is located on the right of the product page of each item. 


Will the fabric fade in the sun?

Yes it will unless you are choosing an acrylic fabric.  The sun in New Zealand and Australia is particularly harsh so just like carpets and sofas, fabrics will fade. If the fabric is going to be in a high sun area we highly recommend using one of our outdoor fabrics. The Sunbrella fabrics have a 5 year warranty against sun fade.


It is worth imagining how your fabric will look in a few years’ time (particularly if it is a natural fiber) to ensure you will like it as it ages. There are several things you can do reduce fading including tinting your windows, flipping cushions and squabs over, lining your curtains and ensuring your curtains are pulled right off the window.


How do I care for my purchase?

With a bit of care your fabric can remain looking great for years. For washing instructions from specific designers please click here.