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1 Any reference on this site to either Bolt of Cloth or or or the use of the term “us” and “we” all refer to, represent and define the website and  

2. These terms and conditions apply to the use of this site. By using this site you, the consumer, agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. 

3. Bolt of Cloth may in the future alter or amend the terms and conditions on this site so they are up to date and current. Any and all amendments and alterations will be effective immediately once an update is made. If you, the consumer, continue to use this site after any update or amendment you are deemed to still agree and to be bound by the altered and amended terms and conditions.

4. Bolt of Cloth electronically collects and holds information about any visitor to this website and any order placed, with the exception of customer credit card information. This is so:

  • we can improve the site, aiming to offer the best site we can with products and services that you really want
  • for reporting reasons such as analysis of the website, its effectiveness, product popularity
  • we can advise you of any new offering that we feel may interest you.

Any and all personal information collected from the website in relation to the bullet points above is held by Bolt of Cloth on its database. Bolt of Cloth does not store data with regards to customer credit card information. As a registered customer you have the right under the Privacy Act 1993 to full and clear access to any personal information held about you on our database and you have the right to correct or delete any information from the database. To do this, send Bolt of Cloth an email request to this effect and your email will be actioned.

5. You, the consumer, by using this site acknowledge that Bolt of Cloth is not liable, nor can it be held liable, for any loss from damage or cost or claim or other expense that arises from or relates to any product purchased from Bolt of Cloth and this includes any site that is “hyperlinked” to Bolt of Cloth. Or, your use of Bolt of Cloth or your reliance on any information that is contained within the site or that is accessed through this website. Or the maximum and full extent permitted by law or any condition or warranty, which would otherwise be, or appear to be, implied to the above terms and conditions is hereby excluded. Bolt of Cloth cannot contract out of the law. This disclaimer does not attempt to nor purport to exclude any liability under legal statute if, and to the full extent, such liability cannot be lawfully excluded, as per rules under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

6. Disclaimer relating to site content and access to products: Bolt of Cloth presents all information on this site in good faith and believes it to be correct and accurate as presented to Bolt of Cloth at the date it was submitted. Bolt of Cloth make no warranties or representations about the accuracy and/or completeness of any information on this website and the content of Bolt of Cloth or any website hyper-linked to or from this website. Bolt of Cloth will not be held liable for any claim, damage or loss expense suffered as a result of any information presented on this website or any hyperlinked site resulting from it not being accurate or updated as to content. It is your responsibility (the consumer) and you must take your own steps to ensure that the process you have undertaken and which you employ for accessing this website does not expose you or the website, to the risk of viruses, known or unknown or any other form or forms of interference which may damage or interfere with your specific electronic equipment, namely your personal or work computer system, and any connected electronic items. Bolt of Cloth does not accept responsibility for any alteration, interference or damage to your computer system arising out of or relating to your use of this website or any hyperlinked website that may be linked to or accessed through Bolt of Cloth or other websites. Information you, the consumer, transmit to Bolt of Cloth or that is transmitted through a secure Internet system where all reasonable steps to ensure the security of this information have been taken. It is viewed as a serious issue but we cannot, and do not, warrant that all information is accurate all the time. Bolt of Cloth has taken all reasonable steps to ensure accuracy and security.

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