Bolt of Cloth

6 Pack of Feather Inners to fit 60x60cm Cushion


These feather inners are actually 65x65cm, have an extra high feather content and are designed to give a full look and feel to a 60cm Cushion Cover. Our prices are very sharp if you compare apples with apples.

If you want a high quality, long lasting cushion inner, than this is for you. A white cotton cover filled with 100% pure white duck feather, this inner creates a soft and luxurious feel - you will never want dacron again!

Environmentally friendlier than Dacron - buy the Feather Inner once and just change the Cushion Cover when you feel like it.

Deals - buy in bulk and save:
- buy Pack of 6 Inners in New Zealand and save 20% - cost per cushion for 6 Pack is only $32.- (instead of $40.-)
- buy Box of 16 Inners in New Zealand and save 40% - cost per cushion for Box is amazing $24.-! (instead of $40.-)

To get the discounts simply buy the 6 Pack item of the to fit 60cm Feather Inner (Product code Box: PCI0011B, 6 Pack: PCI0011C)

Note: only inners purchased with a cushion cover can be shipped free of charge to Australia